Guide for prospective clergy:-

Men may become clergy of the Episcopal Anglican Church of South India andNorth India Missionary Diocese by one of two routes. In either case the Communion will not incardinate nor ordain women as deacon or priest, but appropriately qualified women may become a member of the ancient historic order of Deaconess. Both men and women are warmly welcome to apply to become Lay Readers. The Communion greatly values the contribution of women to lay ministry. The Communion will not incardinate nor ordain any practicing homosexual into Holy Orders.


Clergy of any other Episcopal church in the Apostolic Succession may apply for Incardination into the Communion. They will be required to complete the specified Application Form, provide certified-true copies of all their relevant academic and ordination credentials, and have Police Child Protection clearance. They will be required to provide a statement of their current ministry and ministry history, and will be interviewed by the Director of Ordains or by a bishop as may be decided.


  They will be required to provide a statement of any current ministry or ministry history in the laity, and will be interviewed by the Director of Ordains or by a bishop as may be decided.

Age or disability is not a disqualifying factor in any case. There is no upper age limit for ordination. The call to Orders is the work of the Lord; the Communion will not interfere with that by applying any non-spiritual considerations. Some of our clergy have serious health issues and yet carry out active and fulfilling ministries.  Every application will be judged on its merits with the help of God. However, most applicants to the Communion have a history of academic and/or ministry achievements upon which to draw. The EACSI makes no specific demands upon potential ordains in respect of their academic achievements, as we recognize the Value of experience, which, if substantial, may be a suitable alternative. Our clergy come from every conceivable background, Methodists, Baptists, Free Churches, the Church Army, and a number of former Church of England Readers.

 Worker Priests:-

Most of the EACSI clergy are engaged in secular employment to sustain their lives and their ministry. EACSI clergy are non-stipendiary (unpaid) and therefore need to work just as any other person does for economic survival! EACSI clergy so employed do not however “turn off” their clerical status when at work. Many are recognized as “unofficial” chaplains in their working environment, colleagues naturally turning to someone they know will listen or give advice in times of need.

Again because some EACSI clergy work full time, their ministry to local congregations and the work of the Church locally is assisted by Lay Ministers. These may themselves be employed or retired but give of their time to assist the pastoral ministry of the church. Lay Ministry within the EACSI is Licensed or Certificated depending on the extent of its support of the priest’s ministry and the nature of the work.

Application Form

If you believe that God is calling you to the Sacred priest hood, and you wish to test your vocation in EACSI. Please down load the application form. Fill & Send Copy to us synod general secretary & Director of St. Peter Theological Education College and Seminary.

E-mail ID: pastorsampeter@gmail.com


Diocese Application Form