He is the total responsibility person to the diocese & He is the Founder and president of the Diocese. He is having rights to undertake all the responsibilities of subordinates of all departments and their functions He is having rights to establish (or) Remove the power of the subordinates (and) extending (or) reducing the departments if necessary. He is not the owner of the property & finance of the Diocese. He is having the power to handle cash, cheque, and DD up to. 25,00,000/- per month individually, But with the knowledge of synod & Gen. Sec and Metropolitan (or) moderator He can handle cash, cheque & DD for Rs.50,00,000/- p. month. If it is more than crore must get permission fromsynod board members also. He can take decision to buy, but not to Sale the property of movable and immovable, but with the decision of Moderator and synod& Gen. Secretary. Along with synod board permission and after passing resolution, He can sale any things of the diocese property. He is only the authority person to consecrate Bishops. And to appoint Deputy Moderator, Synod & Gen. Secretary, treasurer, and all State & District Bishops and all other subordinates. He is having full autonomous power to remove the persons from the service within 24 hrs. Without notice of the subordinates against if there is any violation of diocese Rules (or) improper activities (or) indiciplinary activities appeared in duty. He is the signing authority in certificates & Bank correspondence of cheque and DD etc., he is a chancellor of faculty (St. Peter’s Theological College & Seminary India. He only appoint trust secretary & treasurer and other synod board members, advisory committee, and ordination council members [time to time as applicable].

He is the appointed person by the Synod Board (or) directly by the Arch Bishop himself. Once in five years election will be conduct. Election officer Synod general Secretary and Deputy Moderator. Moderator having all powers to diocese function without disturbance. In the absence of Metropolitan Arch Bishop,moderator is the Authority person to run the Diocese as per Byelaws. He is the signing authority in all certificates including theological certificates. He should present with synod general secretary at the time of all ordinations. He can ordinate Priests, Deon & consecrate bishops, while Absence of Arch Bishop along with national general secretary, Deputy Moderator and state president. He is under national synod general secretary.

He is totally Asst to metropolitan. He will overlook all duties temporarily while absence of metropolitan and Arch Bishops and has to report to synod general secretary. He is also Electoral person by the Body once in five year. He has to control Mission department activities, and president (Bishop) Admin & development and all State all District Bishops and his subordinates of area chairman pastorate chairman, marriage council director and Liaison officer. He can take action upon indiciplinary activities of his subordinates and forward to metropolitan for further action. HE IS UNDER NATIONAL SYNOD GENERAL SECRETARY.

He is the authorized person for overlooking all synod activities, and control OF all departments’ of state and district bishops’ room’s activities INCLUDING, MODERATOR and DEPUTY MODERATOR. He has right to write letter and arrange meetings among state and district bishop’s council, synod board, advisory council, ordination council, and to send letters and instruction to the subordinates with the signature of Metropolitan. He is not an electoral person but directly posted by Arch bishop. He is fully Asst to Metropolitan. He can visit any state or any district for development. He is the organizer and Controller of study center activities, He is the faculty registrar cum Director [elect]vice-chancellor. Due to financial matter he can co-ordinate with metropolitan and Arch Bishop. He is alsocontroller of all theological colleges&’ studies throughout India and abroad.

He is the liable person to develop ministry and elect district Bishops and Associate bishops, throughout district wise, He can recommend all District Bishops, and bishop commissionary, missionary bishops, and missionaries through District wise. According to the rules and eligibility as per Byelaw. All ordinations and consecrations should be with Arch bishop and informed to Arch bishop [National president] in advance for getting approval and certificates. [His position will be lift up by Arch bishop without election, by his veetopower or by election by the diocese bishop’s council properly as a central Diocesedirector of EACSI CENTRAL DIOCESE-INDIA] He has to control all district bishops, priests, marriage council directors, liaison officer’s activities throughout their own responsible state, and Report to National synod general secretary as and when need arises. They can inspect all the district bishops, priests and churches, along with missionary bishop and commissionary bishop can take indiciplinary action to remove or revoke from the diocese with the permission of National synod general secretary and Arch bishop with the law council advice.


He is the person to organize or introduce or select Bishops/and subordinates in the particular state. [Election will be once in two years].

He is the responsible person report to moderator directly, & to National synod general secretary & state president& state bishop about the district, and he mayselect the following ministers in district level,Associate general bishop, Chaplin,commissionary bishop,missionary bishop,senior chief overseer, senior overseer, district overseer, Taluk overseer, marriage council director & liaison officer, pastorate , Deacons, lay preaches and missionaries with the help of State president&bishop and Nationalsynod general secretary and metropolitan for the smooth administration. All Ordination and consecration should be done with the presence ofArch Bishop& to get Permission by way of letter in advance. All certificate should be received from Metro Politian Arch Bishop, His limit is only under his jurisdiction. No authority to give any certificates to anybody else without the knowledge of national synod secretary/state bishop/state president and Arch bishop. He is the MWA fund controlling& handling petty cash in his district. He is the fellowship leader/organizer/ in his district.

He is the person to control all subordinates [priests, bishops] activities in the particular state/ district. He can take action against indiciplinary activities found by the subordinates including state/ district bishops inform to arch bishop, state president and national synod secretary to remove or suspend or revoke from diocese.

He is the person to visit and inspect all the churches including state/district bishops churches & activities and if found any indiciplinary activities, he can take action with the help of commissionary and to recommend to Arch bishop,, state president to revoke or to remove or suspend from diocese.

He is an assistant to bishop having no power to activate independently or by order of any bishop.[Bishop Chaplin] is to be responsible for the keeping of proper registers, that is, of baptisms, of marriages and of deaths, and any other services conducted. He is to ensure that all entries are accurately made and that the registers are carefully preserved.

M.C. Director is controlled by Moderator and synod general secretary of central diocese of India, &district, and state bishop. He can recommend Liaison officer.All marriages solemnized under ICMR Act 1872 scheduled IV under part I sec 5 (1), 5(2), 10(1), 11(2), Part IV Sec 27TO29&31TO37 and sec VI clause 64 of ICMR Act 1872 (15of1872]underGovt.G.O.19020/G2/2013.DT31.10.2013.allmarriages solemnized by pastorate chairman and all marriage particulars will send to District M.C. Director for verification and to get approval seal and signature in the abstract itself and get Returns of submission Letter from director and then, pastorate chairman is the person take it to the DR office and IG office for Registration. Marriage records can be controlled by pastorate chairman, New Marriage Register will be issued by national diocese office at cost of Rs.300/- fund goes to national diocese account. And for renewal of license Rs.300/- once in a year by national synod general secretary. [Without renewal license become null and invalid] This fund has to send national diocese fund, No marriage register should be given or sale to non-diocese members or self-printings.If found, according to bylaw criminal action to be taken by the diocese advocates in the court of law.Liaison Officer is the person to attend all Govt official matters especially IG Office matters.

He is having controlled this department. He can move through email and website for all dealings and Forward to Moderator He is a liable person to report, inform to Arch Bishops in this connection. Every month respectively. Arch Bishop metropolitan is the Head of this Department.

Note:-indiciplinary action will be taken up on state bishop, state president, National synod secretary, state bishop commissionary, state bishop missionary complaints upon wrong district function & state function and wrong administration, if found, notice will be issued without information within 24 hrs. Postings and powers will be revoked and legal notice will issued by advisory council for the court legal action as per cannon. Arch bishops state personal representative will follow and report to Arch bishop house.